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Patient Experiences & Testimonials

I suffered a traumatic brain injury late last year and spent two weeks in the hospital. During the recovery process I experienced headaches, "brain fog," and fatigue. As a computer programmer, I knew I would need to regain my full mental acuity if I was to going to be able to successfully return to work.

Sahara Skagen, my cognitive therapist at Dry Creek Speech Therapy, was essential to my recovery. She gave me exercises to stimulate my brain's healing process and provided strategies to facilitate my job activities. With her help, I was able to return to work far sooner than anticipated and I credit her with how well my recovery has progressed.

I would recommend Sahara to anyone needing cognitive assistance. She is extremely qualified, but perhaps more importantly, she is exceptionally caring and patient. I consider her a friend as much as a therapist.

Corey Sellers

I cannot begin to express how amazing the team at Dry Creek Speech Therapy is! I have an Asperger 13 year old, who has suffered tremendously with bullies because he has a very difficult time forming sentences/thoughts and expressing himself in general. Dry Creek Speech Therapists, Sahara and Kenna, met my son and immediately clued in to his "cluttering" issues (something the school never noticed) and helped him with taking breaths and pausing between words. They even went above and beyond by walking him around the clinic/hospital while helping him engage with strangers. They taught my son how to start and end conversations, how to remember clues, and conversation tactics to follow up with a person the next time you see them. Sahara and Kenna also started having my son observe body language and facial expressions to get clues.... so much more assistance than we ever got from the school's pathologist.

If you are at your wits end with worry and looking for a team that will care about your child and go above and beyond to help them be able to communicate, this is the place. I'm so grateful for the tremendous progress my child has made in only 6 short months after years of no help from the school. Dry Creek is the place you need to bring your child to get real help.

Bethany Letourneau

There are no words to even begin to describe how much Miss Elise has impacted our son. He is speech delayed and had been previously evaluated by at least four other speech language pathologists. No one was ever able to identify his specific delay, come up with a game plan to help him progress, or connect with him on a level where he actually wanted to be there. And then we found Elise!!!!!! Our son looks forward to her visits so much that he literally runs into the clinic. She does an amazing job of intertwining play with therapy and making him feel loved and accepted. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and my husband jokes that she also doubles as my personal therapist because I’ve cried several times in her office. 😂 In my defense, one of those breakdowns was in gratitude for finally finding someone who could explain to me what was going on with him and help me find actual, everyday ways to increase his speech and language skills. She truly sees my son as a whole person instead of a number that needs improving and for that,
I am her biggest fan.

Emma Burton

We went to Dry Creek Therapy for their speech services for nearly a year and a half. When we started, my son was 8 years old and very difficult to understand. He had a tongue thrust issue, muddy/vague vowels, and he had many sounds (j, ch, r, etc.) that he was simply incapable of making. His personality is such that he fears failure and hates to do things he's not good at. As you can imagine, this made speech therapy extremely difficult and discouraging for him, since he had so much to improve. We worked with Kenna, who was so amazing! She encouraged him and helped him see his successes. She was patient with him, and she was understanding of me when we had weeks where we hadn't practiced as much as we should have.

My son just graduated from speech today, and I can hardly believe how great he sounds! He can make all the sounds that used to be impossible for him. His tongue thrust is fixed. He's more confident, and he's easy to understand. We had such a wonderful experience at dry creek therapy. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of speech services!

Kirsten Moody

My son (7) just “graduated” from speech therapy at the Mountain Point location. Maren was our therapist for the past 3 to 4 years & she was so great to work with!!! She was kind & patient & always made speech so much fun for him! Those of us in the waiting room could often hear him cheering loudly as he played games during his sessions.

Before he started speech I had him tested at the school district & the lady who tested him had to have me translate 90% of what he said. Now he’s mastered all the sounds & he speaks confidently & he’s ready to take on the world!

Thank you to Maren & the rest of the staff who were so friendly & always made us feel like old friends when we walked in. Nothing but great experiences with them! Highly recommend!!

Candi Mickiewicz

When I think of speech therapy, children generally come to mind first. My children have had speech therapy through early intervention and schools, so I thought I knew what to expect and was a little hesitant to start my therapy for vocal nodules. The staff were very helpful in scheduling appointments that worked with my busy adult life and I was able to fit my therapy in during my lunch breaks. Kenna was fabulous, explaining what I needed to understand and demonstrating what I needed to do to support my healing process and avoid surgery. I was not sure how I would continue to teach and manage my family life while on vocal rest. Weekly appointments were critical to maintaining my motivation and making corrections to my technique. I am very grateful to have
my voice back!

My daughter was born with hearing loss and we have been doing speech therapy since birth. We have been to a lot of places and have been through a lot of therapists. We have been going to Dry Creek for almost 3 years and we love it! The front office is so friendly and they really try and help you with insurance issues, payment, and appointments.

If you have any thought of, "Maybe my child has a problem,"

go make an appointment!

Gretchen Johnson

I am so very grateful for the experiences that my son had when he went to Dry Creek for speech therapy. He loved it! He enjoyed it so much that when he finished the program he was so sad! He now speaks more clearly and, as a result, he has more confidence than ever before!!

Emily Marble

My son had a brain tumor removed at the age of 20 and had to relearn how to do everything, including speaking. We came to Dry Creek Speech about 2 years after the tumor was removed. Thanks to the therapists who worked with him, my son's speech significantly increased in clarity, response time, and word speech. The therapists related really well with my son, and he really enjoyed coming. The speech team is very qualified, in my opinion, with Neuro disabilities.

Laura Dayley

After my son turned 2, it was clear he had a significant language delay in both receptive and expressive language. After working with KOTM for a year, we were transitioned to Alpine School District to continue his speech therapy. It was only a few short weeks into working with ASD that I realized their services were not enough and not helping him progress. I decided to explore private speech therapy

in order to help him.

Dry Creek is very conveniently located close to my home and, after reading many positive reviews, I decided to give them a try. My insurance does not cover speech therapy, but I cannot deny that the speech therapists at Dry Creek Speech Therapy have helped my son tremendously, which has made it worth it.

We made more progress with my son in one month working with Dry Creek than we had through several months working with ASD. We loved his therapist who understood my son's personality and

worked wonders with him.

I love the personalized approach Dry Creek Speech provides for my son, always remembering little things that help our sessions run smoothly. I'm given consistent feedback and suggestions on areas that he needs to focus on. I'm often given specific "assignments" that I can take home and work on during the week. Those are things I was NEVER given working with ASD (despite my constant asking).

I would definitely recommend Dry Creek Speech Therapy to anyone needing this type of service. It's been worth every penny.

Kari Gardiner

My daughter has a very rare genetic syndrome, and those diagnosed previously were only able to say 3 words their entire lives. By working with a phenomenal SLP at Dry Creek Therapy over the course of two years, my daughter's language accelerated at a rate unheard of for those with her genetic condition, with dozens of sounds and hundreds of words.

We loved going to Dry Creek Speech Therapy; everyone was so friendly, kind, and supportive of people with speech and language difficulties. I was very impressed with how much effort the billing staff put in to help me work with grants and scholarships so that we were able to afford speech therapy. I happily pay for speech therapy because I get to hear my daughter speak, and no price tag can measure that! 

Now, my daughter has several hundred words that she uses to communicate with, and she feels more confident

in her verbal abilities. 

Thanks, Dry Creek, for giving my child a voice!

Mary Mecham

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