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When I think of speech therapy, children generally come to mind first. My children have had speech therapy through early intervention and schools, so I thought I knew what to expect and was a little hesitant to start my therapy for vocal nodules. The staff were very helpful in scheduling appointments that worked with my busy adult life and I was able to fit my therapy in during my lunch breaks. Kenna was fabulous, explaining what I needed to understand and demonstrating what I needed to do to support my healing process and avoid surgery. I was not sure how I would continue to teach and manage my family life while on vocal rest. Weekly appointments were critical to maintaining my motivation and making corrections to my technique. I am very grateful to have my voice back!

Ashley has been working with my 4 year old daughter for a year now and has helped her so much. My daughter loves her and is always excited to go to speech, I never have to fight to get her in the car like sometimes happens going other places. Ashley targets her speech goals in ways that are fun and motivating for her and helps me with tips on how to elicit language at home in ways that will keep her motivated as well. When we first started speech therapy I didn't understand everything my daughter was saying and I was constantly interpreting for her to other people, her dad and grandparents included. Now even complete strangers understand most of what she says and we're progressing along towards age appropriate communication.

Shannon Parker

My daughter was born with hearing loss and we have been doing speech therapy since birth. We have been to a lot of places and have been through a lot of therapists. We have been going to Dry Creek for almost 3 years and we love it! The front office is so friendly and they really try and help you with insurance issues, payment, and appointments.

If you have any thought of, "Maybe my child has a problem," go in!

Gretchen Johnson

My toddler has been doing speech therapy with Cara and he absolutely loves it. She follows his lead and it has proven to be successful for him. He picks up more words every week. The staff is friendly and appointments always start and end on time. 

We look forward to going to speech every week!

Audrey Miller

I am so very grateful for the experiences that my son had when he went to Dry Creek for speech therapy. He loved it! He enjoyed it so much that when he finished the program, he was so sad! He now speaks more clearly and as a result, he has more confidence than ever before!!

Emily Marble

My daughter has a significant speech delay and Ashley has catered speech therapy to meet her individual needs. Ashley makes speech therapy fun and my daughter enjoys going which is huge! The price is comparable to other speech therapists and it is conveniently located off the freeway. The staff are all so friendly and easy to work with.

Jeremy Jones

About 4 1/2 years ago, my son had a brain tumor removed at the age of 20, and had to relearn how to do everything including speaking. We came to Ashley about 2 years ago, and since working with her, my sons speech has significantly increased in clarity, response time, and word speech. She relates really well with my son, and he really enjoys coming. The speech team is very qualified, in my opinion, with Neuro disabilities.

Laura Dayley

After my son turned 2, it was clear he had a significant language delay in both receptive and expressive language. After working with KOTM for a year, we were transitioned to Alpine School District to continue his speech therapy. It was only a few short weeks into working with ASD that I realized their services were not enough and not helping him progress. I decided to explore private speech therapy in order to help him.

Dry Creek is very conveniently located close to my home and after reading many positive reviews, I decided to give them a try. I will say paying $180 every 4 sessions is a punch in the gut (my insurance does not cover speech therapy), however, I cannot deny that they have helped him tremendously.

We made more progress with my son in one month working with Dry Creek than we had through several months working with ASD. We loved his teacher, Katie, who understood my son's personality and worked wonders with him. When she left on maternity leave, we began meeting with Cara, who seamlessly helped my son make the transition to a new teacher (something I was very worried about).

I love the personalized approach they provide for my son, always remembering little things that help our sessions run smoothly. I'm given consistent feedback and suggestions on areas that he needs to focus on. I'm often given specific "assignments" that I can take home and work on during the week. Those are things I was NEVER given working with ASD (despite my constant asking).

I would definitely recommend Dry Creek Speech Therapy to anyone needing this type of service. It's been worth every penny.

Kari Gardiner

My son has been seeing Ashley and Katie for about six months and we have been so impressed with them. We have been around the block when it comes to therapy services for kids and I highly recommend both of them. They listen, are patient and kind, effective and knowledgeable, and you can tell that they truly care about the kids they see.

The office staff is also fantastic and friendly and helpful when it comes to scheduling and insurance issues. The location is convenient and the office is nice, new, and clean.

Heidi R

My daughter has a very rare genetic syndrome, and those diagnosed previously were only able to say 3 words their entire lives. By working with a phenomenal SLP at Dry Creek Therapy over the course of two years, my daughter's language accelerated at a rate unheard of for those with her genetic condition, with dozens of sounds and hundreds of words. In addition, Ashley (our therapist, fluent in ASL) incorporated sign language into my daughter's 3x/week therapy, and my daughter was able

to communicate with signs as well!

We loved going to Dry Creek Speech Therapy; everyone was so friendly, kind, and supportive of people with speech and language difficulties. I was very impressed with how much effort the billing staff put in to help me work with grants and scholarships so that we were able to afford speech therapy. I happily pay for speech therapy, because I got to hear my daughter speak, and no price tag can measure that! 

Now, my daughter has several hundred words and signs that she uses to communicate with, and she feels more confident in her verbal abilities. 

Thanks Dry Creek, for giving my child a voice!

Mary Mecham

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